About Yellowstone fly goods

YFG is a full service distributor of flies, fly fishing accessories, fly tying materials, and hooks. We have been in business since 1988. We strive to provide the finest product available for the fly fisherman.We have an extensive inventory of product on hand and ready to go. If you are interested in getting a copy of our latest catalog and a few samples of our products, send us an e-mail and we will get things started. We are also a distributor of Kumoto Hooks, Scientific Angler, Sierra Stream, Frogs Fanny, Fly Duster, XXX Flyagra, Gink, Lemur weights, Thing-a-ma-Bobbers, Mountain River Lanyards, Griffin Enterprises, Cascade-Crest, Palsa,  Water Gremlin,  Danville, Uni Products,  Mustad Hooks, and many other of our own unique packaged products.

The majority of the flies Yellowstone Fly Goods provides are tied in the Philippines. The organization we are involved with is a non-profit organization called IDEA, or International Deaf Education Association. The mission of IDEA is to assist the Deaf in the Philippines to achieve self-reliance by providing academic, vocational, physical, spiritual, and economic opportunities. 

Many hundreds of deaf children have gone to school with the help from IDEA. A large percentage of the students that have graduated from school are now employed in IDEA Philippines operated businesses and its sister foundation, Bohol Foundation for the Deaf and Disabled. The fly tying business is one of IDEA’s ongoing businesses. We currently have 60+ individuals working in Fly Tying. Yellowstone Fly Goods is the controlling influence and sole purchaser of the production.